Thousands of years ago, the evil titan Mormo was defeated in bloody conflict involving elves, humans, witches, and titans. Mormo was vanquished by the titan Chardun, who captured her heart inside an amphora. Since that battle, the amphora was retained in a secret location until the disciples of Mormo stole it and disappeared into the mountains.

A local adventuring guild, the Company of Stalwarts, were sent to retrieve the Amphora by Kelemis Durn, the Home Commander of the Vigils of Vesh. The Company was successful in their task, but at great cost; losing nearly half their number along with an entire company of Vigils sent to assist them.

Six months have passed since the Amphora’s return to the Veshian capital city of Lave and the Home Commander has sent out requests to several parties of adventurers friendly to the Vigils, including a rag-tag group of two humans, a half-orc, a dwarf, and a half-elf who has family ties to a combatant in the battle with Mormo all those centuries ago. Their mission: Set out to the city of Hedrad to the south to learn as much about the Amphora as possible from the vast libraries maintained by the sages.

The Serpent Amphora

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